Weigh-In: Week 17

I can't believe I'm heading into my fifth month of weight loss already.  It's been flying by and crawling by all at the same time.  Does that even make sense?  :)  This was a great week.  I stayed on track with exercising and cooking healthy meals at home.  It's getting easier to plan out all the cooking for the week.  The key is to make a plan ahead of time and then stick to it.  I've also been saving a ton of money on food and gas by eating my meals exclusively at home for the past 3 weeks.  My countdown to graduation has officially begun as well.  Tuesday is my last final.  Only 3 days to go.  I will be paying a LOT more attention to this blog once I am finally done with school!!

Week 16 Weight: 265.4
Week 17 Weight: 264.4

Week 17 Weight Loss: 1.0 pound

Total Weight Loss: 21.8 pounds

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