A Year of Weigh-Ins: Week 5

Last Week's Weight: 303.2
This Week's Weight: 301.6

I am happy that I lost a couple of pounds this week, but I am tired of yo-yoing back and forth.  I need to get it in gear.  I am just having a lot of trouble staying consistent.  One day I will do great and the next I will binge on sugar and eat double the calories I was planning on eating.  I know I am going to be extremely busy with work this week, so it's going to be a real test for me to stay on track.


A Year of Weigh-Ins: Week 4

The week was going great until Thursday.  I walked every day and was tracking and staying under my calories.  I feel like I've been just struggling along for the last few weeks trying to get into a healthy frame of mind, and early last week I felt like I was finally getting into the groove.  Then Thursday came around.  I ran out of food and needed to go to the grocery store.  I fell back into my old habit of not eating breakfast or lunch and I let myself get too hungry.  Then I didn't have any food in the house.  My intention was to go to the store, but I ended up getting fast food.  Then I just kept eating all the way through the weekend.  Once I get into this cycle of binging, it's like I just can't get out of it.

I promised myself that, good or bad, I was going to weigh in every week.  I really didn't want to see the number this weekend after a horrible weekend of eating, but I know that I need to see what I'm doing to myself.  I can't just pretend that I'm not doing any damage to myself.  So, of course, the number was bad.  I'm basically back to Square 1.  But I know what works.  I know that this isn't going to work unless I really focus on eating throughout the day.  I'm really going to strive for that all week.

Starting Weight: 312.0

Last Week's Weight: 298.2
Today's Weight: 303.2

I'm not giving up this time!


A Year of Weigh-Ins: Week 3

I'm very happy with the weigh-in today!  I still need to work on eating throughout the day, but I did so much better with it this week than I have been.

Starting Weight: 312.0

Last Week's Weight: 302.0
Today's Weight: 298.2

Weight Loss This Week:  3.8 pounds!  Woo hoo!

I never want to see the 300s again, so I'm going to make this a great week!



I woke up actually feeling hopeful today, more hopeful than I have felt in a long time!  Yesterday was the first day in I don't know how long that I didn't eat any sugar!  I feel like I just needed that one day to break the chain.  Now I feel like I might be able to actually get somewhere.


A Year of Weigh-Ins: Week 2

Starting Weight: 312.0

Week 1 Weight: 300.2
Week 2 Weight: 302.0

This Week: +1.8 pounds

I knew this weigh-in would be a bad one because I didn't do anything I planned to this week.  I ate whatever I wanted and I continued to binge eat sugar.  I really need to snap out of this funk.  Every night I plan to start fresh in the morning, and every day something happens that derails me.  I really need to focus on eating throughout the day instead of letting myself get too hungry. 

I know I can be successful if I can just eat like a normal person instead of going long periods with no food and then stuffing myself with horrible food.  When I get too hungry, that's when I eat way too much, and the food I eat is never good for me.  Then I feel horrible about binging, sleep badly and wake up feeling too sick to even think about eating breakfast and the cycle begins again.  I wait until I'm overly hungry and then binge.  I feel like I'm in a never-ending circle.  I'm going to make this a better week.  I have to make this a better week.


A Year of Weigh-Ins: Week 1

Highest Weight: 312.0
Week 1 Weight: 300.2

To make myself accountable and keep myself from turning off that part of my brain that actually wants me to do well at this whole healthy living thing, I have made a promise.  I'm going to weigh in every single week for the rest of the year, no matter what the number is.

I know that getting healthy isn't about defining yourself by a number on a scale.  I'm going to try not to live or die by the number I see on the scale each week.  I even thought about not weighing myself at all and just taking measurements once a month or so.  But, ultimately, I'm trying to figure out what's going to work for me this time when it hasn't worked for me before.  Weighing myself once a week has always been more motivational to me than a detriment.  Knowing that on Monday I'm going to have to step on that scale and post the number has kept more than a few weekend binges at bay.  Where I have run into trouble in the past is when I start obsessing about the number, weighing myself at least once a day and sometimes multiple times a day hoping for a better result.  Then whatever that number is dictates how I feel about myself that day.  I will no longer let my self-worth be attached to a number on the scale.   



Staying Present

I've always been the most successful when I have consistently tracked my eating and weighed in regularly.  I have an uncanny ability to come down with amnesia and "forget" about the fact that I'm supposed to be eating healthy.  When I force myself to write down what I'm eating, I have to stay present.  I can't just pretend I don't need to make changes and that it's okay to eat whatever I want in whatever amounts I want.

In order to keep myself accountable, I'm going to weigh in each Monday throughout 2015.  Good, bad or ugly, I'm going to post my weight here every week. 

I'm also going to consistently write down what I'm eating.  I'm not sure what I'm shooting for as far as how many calories I should eat per day.  I think I'm going to experiment with different amounts for a few weeks and see what works best for me, but my main focus is still going to be eating throughout the day and avoiding a binge for now.