Weigh-In: Week 15

Another week, same old story it seems like.  I am getting frustrated!  This week, I did everything right.  I walked.  I played tennis.  I rode the exercise bike.  I lifted weights.  I feel like I was in perpetual motion all week.  I did good on the eating side of it, too.  I cooked healthy food and controlled my portions.  I just knew I was going to have a big loss on the scale...BUT the scale had other plans.  I only lost a half a pound!  What is up with that?!!  I know if I just keep it up, the weight has got to come off eventually.  It's just getting so hard to keep it up every week and see no results on the scale.  On the positive side, I do feel a LOT stronger.  When I first started exercising, I could barely make it 5 minutes on the exercise bike at 10 mph.  Now I am riding for an hour at 13-15 mph and feeling great.

Beginning Weight: 267.6
Week 15 Weight: 267.0

Week 15 Weight Loss: 0.6 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 19.2 pounds


  1. Sometimes you can do everything wrong, and you see a drop in the scale. Sometimes you do everything right, and because of everything you did the week prior to that, you don't see a huge drop. Our body takes some time to adjust to whatever we do to it so STAY WITH IT! You are doing wonderfully with exercise and food choices so it WILL go down.

  2. hey fyi. 0.6 pound is a LOSS! and almost a whole pound at that. It brought you a lot closer to 20lbs lost that's for sure. Celebrate that. Even if it comes off slow, as long as it's coming OFF - thats progress.