Weigh-In: Week 16

I seriously ROCKED this week!  I cooked every meal at home from scratch.  I ate absolutely nothing processed, no white flour, and no added sugar.  I did Power 90 every day.  I feel stronger every day that I do it.  I actually did a push-up yesterday!!  The downside is, I'm exhausted!  Between having only two weeks left until I finish my degree, cooking every meal last week, a heavy workload, working out every day, and just other everyday things, I feel like I just moved from one task to another all week with no downtime.  I need to work on finding a good balance.  Plus, I know things will get better after I'm done with school on May 3rd.  I'm going for another "perfect" week this week.  We'll see how the scale treats me.  :)  Oh, yeah...and I'm finally down my first 20 POUNDS!!!!

Beginning Weight: 267.0
Week 16 Weight: 265.4

Week 16 Weight Loss: 1.6 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 20.8 pounds

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  1. Congrats on hitting your first 20! Such a great milestone to celebrate!