Weigh-In: Week 12

Well, I guess I haven't said good-bye to the 270s for good quite yet.  I had a gain this week, but I'm not stressing about it.  I struggled this week.  I still have this reward mentality that I am fighting to break myself of.  My brain thinks, Oh, you did so good last week.  You can ease up and be bad for one day this week.  Then that day stretches into most of the week.  Before you know it, it's time for another weigh-in.  Obviously, that's not how it should work.  I'm still getting the hang of this whole healthy lifestyle thing, but I know I will get there this time.  I am NOT giving up.  It's a new week.  There's always time to change, and that's what this week will be about...getting back to exercising and eating healthy food!

How did your week go?

Beginning Weight: 269.6
Week 12 Weight: 271.0

Week 12 Weight Loss: 1.4 pound GAIN

Total Weight Loss: 15.2 pounds

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  1. Great attitude. Don't worry about it too much, just make this week rock!