Creating a Shrinkworthy Kitchen: Part 1

I am a big believer that in order to lose weight and get healthy, you have to take charge in the kitchen and start preparing your own meals.  Sure, you can find healthy-ish choices when eating out.  The problem is it is just so hard to really know what you're getting at a restaurant.  And for me, I need to avoid temptation at all costs!  If I go to a restaurant, I'm definitely not going to be thinking about the grilled chicken and steamed veggies.

Cooking gets a lot easier when you have a well-stocked pantry and some basic kitchen tools.  Making meals can turn into a relaxing and stress-free experience.

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Kitchen Prep Helpers

A Good Knife
  • This is my #1 most important kitchen tool.  I LOVE this knife!  Chopping veggies goes so quickly and effortlessly with this knife.  I've had mine for over two years, and it still slices easily through whatever I throw at it. 

Paring Knife
  • I use my Santoku knife for almost everything, but there are some jobs that need a smaller knife.  This paring knife is great for peeling oranges or slicing fruit like apples and strawberries.  You can even peel veggies with this great knife.  I absolutely love the Victorinox brand because the knives are high quality, but the price is affordable!

A Cutting Board
  • What's a great knife without a cutting board?  This board is big enough to hold a lot of chopped veggies and sturdy enough to stay in place while chopping (great for a clutz like me), but it's not too heavy.  Plus, it looks great on the counter!

Garlic Press
  • This garlic press makes life SO much easier.  I use a ton of garlic in my healthy cooking and having fresh garlic with one quick squeeze is much faster and less messy than chopping it.

  • I never knew how essential tongs were until I got them.  I use them all the time.  They are great for grilling or tossing veggies and salads.

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