Weigh-In: Week 5

Well, this picture pretty much sums up the week.  We've been digging out from 2 feet of snow, the most I can really ever remember getting at one time.  On top of the crazy weather we've been having, the next few weeks are going to be brutal for me.  I've been completely swamped with work and the two night classes I'm taking are getting the best of me.   I have been focusing on eating right and trying to squeeze in exercise whenever I can.  I just feel like I'm getting pulled in a million directions right now, and the scale shows it.  I'm not giving up, though.  I will lose the weight for good this time...little by little!

Beginning Weight: 279.8
Week 5 Weight: 278.6

Week 5 Weight Loss: 1.2 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 7.6 pounds


  1. At least if its on the chilly side your body naturally uses up more energy!

  2. True, Bethan! And as a bonus, I burned lots of calories shoveling snow!

    Thanks, Need to Get ME Back!! I appreciate the encouragement. :)