Weigh-in: Week 7 (!@#*&!*#)

This week did not go well at all.  I don't know what happened.  I just completely lost my focus.  Every day I got up and said to myself, Okay.  This day will be good, but then I went crazy with food pretty much every day.  Then I blinked and it was time for another weigh-in!  I was so scared to step on the scale this morning.  Luckily, it wasn't that bad.  I need to get it together though and make this happen.  I think once I have lost a few more pounds and actually start seeing a real difference, it will get a little easier.  Right now, I just think about how much weight I need to lose and feel completely overwhelmed sometimes.  But...next week is another week.

Beginning Weight: 277.8
Week 7 Weight: 279.0

Week 7 Weight Loss: 1.2 pound GAIN (Boooo!)

Total Weight Loss: 7.2 pounds


  1. I know exactly how you feel. When you can't see or feel the changes with your body- it's so discouraging. It's hard to put an effort into something when you're not seeing the end results. Unfortunately that's what happens when you have a lot to lose. I am on my own journey to lose 100+ pounds when my own scale almost tipped 260 and even with 18lbs gone it's still hard to see the results. But we just keep moving forward and know if we don't stick with it we won't get to our goals! I'm here if you need to chat! Don't let these rough weeks conquer and take this away from you, you can do it!!
    Best of luck!


  2. You can do it! Everyone has off weeks and it's discouraging. Try not to let it get you down, and make next week amazing!

  3. Don't sweat the small things. We all mess up with our diets, but we just have to learn to get back on track. I have faith in your diet and I am feeling positive about your next weigh in!