Riding the Roller Coaster

For the past almost 3 weeks now, I've been staying away from all things sugar.  Sugar is my biggest weakness.  Just having a little bit is not an option for me.  I absolutely cannot be trusted when sugar is in the house.  Since I gave it up, I've been feeling fantastic.  I actually jumped out of bed this morning excited about living this healthy lifestyle for another day.

Photo Source: phineasandferb.wikia.com
Today is my brother's 24th birthday and he requested that I make him "some sweets."  I'm the baker in the family.  Whether it's cookies or cake or brownies, even homemade Twix bars, I have a great recipe for it.  I figured, Hey, I've got this sugar situation under control.  I don't even want it anymore.  I can handle baking a measly batch of cookies.  Ummm...no, I can't.  It started out innocently enough, just tasting a tiny bit of cookie dough.  Then that old voice reared its ugly head.  "Well, you've ruined your day now.  You might as well eat more."
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I ended up eating 7 cookies.  Luckily, I had measured them out ahead of time, so I knew they were 100 calories each.  700 calories in cookies is not acceptable.

The thing is...I feel terrible now.  I am super tired and don't want to get off the couch.  I really don't want to change into workout clothes and work out (even though I'm going to).  I can feel the cookies sitting in my stomach like a rock.  They so were NOT worth it.

This weight loss journey is like a roller coaster.  It's full of twists and turns, and you're not quite sure what's around the next corner.  Just when you start to feel comfortable, the bottom drops out on you again.  I'm not going to let this incident throw me off track, though.  I'm going to sweat off some of those calories tonight.  Tomorrow I'm going to get up and keep going.  I might not know exactly what's in store for me, but I'm just going to try to hang on and enjoy the ride.

What foods do you struggle with the most?


  1. I struggle with cake. And cookies. And after reading this and seeing that picture I really want cookies. It's funny how you can talk about regretting them and I still blindly want them. Good thing there are no cookies here.

  2. I struggle with pizza and some sweets. It's hard to see it and say no. But when I do cheat and take a piece I usually tell myself the same thing "Well, you've ruined your day now. You might as well eat more." That's a big problem for me and needs to change. Hope you get back on track!! You can do it!!

  3. Sweets and Carbs... PORTION CONTROL is my hardest part.

    You will falter.
    What makes it okay?
    How you rebound from it.

    You will do better tomorrow and the next day.

    What's the good of eatting healthier if ONCE IN A BLUE MOON, you have something YUMMMMMMY?

    It's a journey and we're all taking THIS ONE together

  4. Erin - Sorry about the picture! I know exactly how you feel. I think sometimes it is just a habit. Last night when I was eating the cookies, I was thinking, These aren't even that good anymore. But did I stop? No, I still ate WAY too many. Ugh!

    Megan - I am with you on the pizza! Really any kind of empty carb can do me in.

    Kateri - You are so right. I hopped right back up today and have been doing great. In fact, I am way low on calories today. I just wasn't that hungry.

  5. Ugh! I am so sorry you struggled. 700 calories in cookies....that sure brings up old memories. Sugar is my weakness, for sure. I try not to keep that stuff in my house because I really will just eat until I burst. :(

  6. I usually keep it out of the house too, Lisa. I feel kind of bad saying this, but my brother is moving in with his friends in a couple of weeks, and I'm actually really excited to have the house to myself again so I can control what food is in the kitchen. Since I work at home, it is really hard for me to resist bad stuff in the house all day.