Dare To Tri

117 days until my first triathlon, and I’m already starting to get nervous!  I have been working out, following the training plan, and feeling stronger every day.  I feel like I have really hit my stride in the past week.  I’m excited to get up every morning and get another healthy day under my belt.  I have been tracking my calories and cooking some delicious food, not feeling deprived at all. 
What I’m struggling with is comparisons.  I know that no matter how hard I train, I’m not going to be at the level of the other triathletes only 117 days from now.  I’m probably not even going to be close.  My goal at this point is just to run the race within myself and finish the race.  I just get frustrated knowing what I’ve done to my body, knowing that if I had just taken care of myself for the past 29 years, I could have the body the other triathletes will surely have.

I know I should accept myself and just be happy that I’m making positive changes.  I just can’t help but compare myself to others.  I know it’s going to be both a physical and mental battle for me on race day.  This entire weight loss journey is a fight against self-doubt, a fight to make myself believe that I have the inner strength to become the person I want to be.  My weight has held me back for far too long.  The body I have right now is the body I have right now.  I’m trying to accept that fact.

Setting aside my doubts, I am excited about how different things will be when I reach my weight loss goal.  I know I will be stronger after having gone through this journey.  Until then, I’m just going to keep taking it one day at a time.


  1. I for one am super proud of you. A triathlon is AMAZING and you should flip the coin and compare the now you to the old you. I bet that girl wished she were current you a million times.

  2. This is so so so awesome and I'm crazy excited for you to take this on. Just doing it in itself is already great!!! Don't let your weight hold you back a single day longer.

  3. That is SO cool that you are doing a tri! I am too nervous to try. You are brave and I admire you for giving it a try. AWESOME!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! What I am most nervous about is the swim. I think you would be amazing in a triathlon!! You are a great swimmer, ride your bike all the time, and you're a runner. Hello?! Perfect combo for a triathlete! :)