Weigh-In: Week 4

I have to admit, I did less than stellar this week on all things weight loss.  I am having a really hard time balancing school, work, and a new healthy lifestyle.  I have been SO busy lately.  I've also got a serious case of the winter blues.  I can't wait for spring!  I want to get outside and work out! 

I guess I'll stop whining and making excuses now.  This next week is going to be great!  I also am trying to keep this weight loss in perspective.  I knew from the beginning that it wasn't going to all come off at once.  Even if I only lose this amount of weight each month, that's about 77 pounds in a year.  Even small losses add up over time.

Beginning Weight: 279.8

Week 4 Weight: 279.8

Week 4 Weight Loss: 0 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 6.4 pounds

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