Weigh-In: Week 3

Toot toot!  What was that?  Oh, that was just me tooting my own horn.  I had a GREAT week this week.  I actually worked out all week!  In the past, I have sometimes not lost any weight when I first started working out.  I think my body kind of freaks out that I am actually moving and just tries to hold on to everything, so I was pretty nervous for the weigh-in this morning.  But...I did lose weight!  Good-bye forever 280s!  I also feel great this week.  It's amazing what moving around a little bit will do for your mood.  Even an epic fail in the kitchen when trying to make some whole wheat blueberry muffins did not get me down!

Beginning Weight: 282.0

Week 3 Weight: 279.8

Week 3 Weight Loss: 2.2 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 6.4 pounds

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