A Little Motivation

It seems like every day I am losing motivation more and more. My brain is telling me to get up and work out, but my body just isn't listening! I tell myself every night that tomorrow is going to be the day I start exercising. Now two weeks have gone by on this weight loss journey, and I've done nothing but sit around.

Well, tonight I thought I might give myself a little kick in the pants to get off the couch and get going! This May, I will finally finish my master's degree (Yeah me!). I have never been on a "real" vacation, and I promised myself that I would go somewhere fun as soon as I was done with school. Today I finally decided to go to Orlando to visit Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Now, being overweight and going to theme parks don't really mix well. There's a lot of walking. It's hot. Oh, yeah, and overweight people don't fit on the rides. Don't even get me started on the flight to get to Orlando.  Flying when you're fat = hell on earth.

Photo Credit: Universal Studios

After a little online research, I determined that I probably won't be able to fit on some of the best rides at Universal. I'm leaving May 17th, so I have exactly 4 months to get into fit-in-the-best-rides-at-Universal shape.  I probably need to lose around 40 pounds, which is just over 2 pounds a week.  I think it's a great goal to shoot for and will definitely keep me motivated in the coming months.

How do you keep yourself motivated when all else fails?

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