Power 90 (Take 2)

This week absolutely flew by.  I did a lot of cooking and stayed pretty much on track with healthy eating.  While I am proud of myself for that, I know I need to get moving.  Summer is usually the hardest time of year for me to pry myself off the couch because the heat just seems to zap my energy.  Last month before I went on vacation, I did a couple of weeks of Power 90 and could tell that I really benefited from it.  I love that Power 90 combines cardio and strength training.  So tomorrow I have a date with Tony Horton.  I'm going to do the full 90-day circuit this time.  I can't wait to see the changes that happen over 90 days.

I recently got a Polar heart rate monitor, and I'm really excited to see how many calories I burn with Power 90.  I know it will definitely get my heart rate up!

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