89 Days To Go

First up, my weigh-in.  I was 272.0 this morning, which means I lost 1 pound this past week.  I'll take it.  :)

I promised you guys (and myself) that I would start Power 90 today.  I had a lot of stress with some late work coming in, and I had to rush to get it done.  Of course, that threw me into "tomorrow" mode.  Every time something comes up and I start getting stressed, I start telling myself that it will be fine if I just work out tomorrow and eat healthy tomorrow.

Excuses I thought of to not start Power 90 today:
  • Work stressed me out and now I just want to relax.
  • I don't want to get hot and sweaty.
  • Ugh! I can't find my sports bra anywhere.
  • Where is that Power 90 DVD again?
  • I don't want to!  I don't want to!  I don't want to!  (Stamping feet)
I finally decided to just start the darn workout and see how it went.  After a couple of minutes, I was into it, and it was over before I knew it.  I LOVE that feeling of accomplishment you get when you are done with a workout.  It felt so good to work out again after taking over a month off.  I definitely felt it too.  It was HARD!  My legs and arms are still wobbly.

I used my Polar to track my heart rate during the workout.  I did Sculpt I/II today, which is only 28 minutes including the warm-up and cool-down.  Sculpt focuses on building muscle, so I wasn't expecting to get my heart rate up very high.  I was surprised to see that my heart rate was up to 171 at one point (I think it was during the lunge/squat combo torture section).  Tomorrow is Cardio I/II and should get my heart rate up and keep it up throughout the workout.  I am interested to see the difference in calories burned between the two workouts.


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