A Weigh-In and P90 Update

Happy 4th of July!  Does anyone have anything exciting going on?  4th of July is usually a holiday filled with cook-outs and beer, so it is hard to stay on track.  Heck, there's even a hot dog eating contest on ESPN2 right now.  I decided this year that I am going to spend a relaxing day at home, so it feels like any other day for me and I plan on eating healthy today as usual. 

I lost another pound this week putting me at 271.0.  I am not stressing about how slow it seems like the weight loss is going.  I know if I can just stay consistent, it will eventually all be gone!

Power 90 Day 3 through 7 went fantastic!  By Day 4, I FINALLY got my sore muscles working normally again.  I definitely think I overdid it those first couple of days.  It seems like it gets easier every day now.  I am feeling stronger and stronger.  My brother wants to join in doing Power 90 with me, but he wants to do the Level 3/4 DVD.  I think we are going to start that this week.  I will be wearing my Polar to see the difference in the calorie burns between the Level 1/2 and Level 3/4.

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