Monday Weigh-In

I skipped my weigh-in last week because I was out of town.  This week, I'm at 270.  I lost yet another pound.  As long as the numbers keep going down, I am not complaining whatsoever.  I know by now that the key to weight loss is just being consistent.  If I consistently eat healthy and consistently exercise, the weight consistently comes off no matter how slow I might feel it is happening.

I haven't posted a P90 update in a couple of weeks either.  To be honest, I am finding it more and more boring.  There are only two different workouts to do that you alternate between.  You do Sculpt one day and then Cardio/Abs the next day.  I know all of Tony Horton's cheesy jokes by heart at this point.  On the plus side, I am seeing some definite results.  Even though I am not losing very much weight, I feel so much stronger.  In fact, I have been using 5-pound weights during the Sculpt portion and I know I need to break down and buy some heavier weights.  It is just getting too easy!  When I think back to the very first time I did P90, I can tell that I have come a very long way.  I originally did the Sculpt workout without any weights at all and just did the arm movements, and my arms were SO sore the next day.

I like having a specific routine to follow along with every day instead of just mindlessly walking on the treadmill or pedaling the exercise bike.  I feel like I push myself more when I am following a DVD.  However, I am looking for something to replace Power 90.  I want something maybe a little more fast-paced and something with more variety. 

Does anyone have any fun workout suggestions?  I need some inspiration here!

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