Weigh Day - Week 11

I took this week off and had myself a little staycation!  It was great, but it went WAY too fast.  I worked on my house all week.  I am so sore and feel like I've been doing squats all week.  Home improvement is hard work.  I haven't really paid attention to food this week, but I know I made good choices.  In fact, I was so busy I didn't even think about eating much.  I was really excited to step on the scale this morning because I was sure that with eating healthy and moving constantly all week while working on the house, I would have lost a couple of pounds.  I was shocked when I GAINED a pound!  I can't figure this scale out.  I work hard and gain a pound.  I sit around being lazy all week and lose 2 pounds.  Ugh!  It's frustrating.  I'm still on a downward trend, so I know what I'm doing is working.  I'll just have to keep on keeping on!

I've noticed some of my blogging buddies have gone MIA this week, so I hope everyone is still on track.  Here's to a successful week this week and hopefully a loss on the scale next Sunday!!

Starting Weight: 294.0
Week 10 Weight: 267.4
Week 11 Weight: 268.2

Gain This Week: 0.8 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 25.8 pounds


  1. Frustrating.
    I totally empathize.

    Don't worry.
    Maybe you gained muscle mass?
    If you were doing house work... It's possible.

    You are still doing great.
    1 pound gained and all.

    You motivate me to do better.

  2. When this happens to me it's normally water retention related...I just make a vow to drink even more water and flush out water excess my water seems to be holding on to. Don't stress too much!!