Weigh Day - Week 10

Oh, man.  What a rough, rough week!  I have been working from the time I get up to the time I go to sleep...all...week...long.  I am bone tired right now.  Daylight Savings Time isn't really helping my situation either.  I even have to work all day today!  The good news is, I decided to take next week off, so once I get through this job today, I will have a whole week of not thinking about work at all.  Yay!!

I realize I've kind of turned into a once-a-week updater instead of a blogger.  I will get better at this.  I love the support and community I get from this blog, and I love following all your journeys to get healthy.  Even if I haven't been commenting on your blogs, I have still been reading them!

I get my cast off on Monday, and I absolutely cannot wait.  I can start swimming again next week!  I am so ready to start burning some calories again.  I am only 2 pounds away from my lowest weight in a looooong time and I want to get there soon, so I need to burn me lots of calories.  :)

Starting Weight: 294.0
Week 9 Weight: 269.6
Week 10 Weight: 267.4

Loss This Week: 2.2 pounds!
Total Weight Loss: 26.6 pounds

Wow, I can't believe I'm getting close to 30 pounds lost!  I'm really hoping for 264 something next week.  I haven't seen that number since my niece was born, and she'll be 7 in a couple of months.  Yikes!

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