A Year of Weigh-Ins: Week 2

Starting Weight: 312.0

Week 1 Weight: 300.2
Week 2 Weight: 302.0

This Week: +1.8 pounds

I knew this weigh-in would be a bad one because I didn't do anything I planned to this week.  I ate whatever I wanted and I continued to binge eat sugar.  I really need to snap out of this funk.  Every night I plan to start fresh in the morning, and every day something happens that derails me.  I really need to focus on eating throughout the day instead of letting myself get too hungry. 

I know I can be successful if I can just eat like a normal person instead of going long periods with no food and then stuffing myself with horrible food.  When I get too hungry, that's when I eat way too much, and the food I eat is never good for me.  Then I feel horrible about binging, sleep badly and wake up feeling too sick to even think about eating breakfast and the cycle begins again.  I wait until I'm overly hungry and then binge.  I feel like I'm in a never-ending circle.  I'm going to make this a better week.  I have to make this a better week.

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