Weigh Day - Week 7

Are we already over 7 weeks into 2012?  This year is absolutely flying by.

The past few days I have been extremely focused on eating healthy.  Since being put into a cast on Wednesday for the next month, I have been planted on the couch.  I am definitely getting antsy, and while I'm sure I could still be working out without using my ankle, I am enjoying some rest and relaxation for a change.  I like not having the stress of having to fit so many things into one day.  Even though I hate being in the cast and I believe crutches were created as some kind of torture device, I am trying to stay positive and use this as an opportunity to recharge my batteries and gear up for my training once my ankle is 100% healthy again.

I know you're really here to see the weigh-in, so I'll get to it.

Week 6 Weight: 273.8
Week 7 Weight: 271.0

I lost 2.8 pounds this week.  Woot woot!!!  That's a total of 23 pounds in the last 7 weeks!

Sometimes when I am working out hard, my body rebels and refuses to lose weight.  This week, I didn't do any workouts and I lost almost 3 pounds.  Go figure.  I know it's crazy.  The body is definitely a mystery.

This week I'm going to focus on my food since I've still got three more weeks of cast and crutches.  I've got a couple new recipes that I really need to get to you guys.  I made a batch of really yummy and super healthy banana muffins using whole wheat flour, and I also made some fabulous black bean chili.  I've been making a lot of stuff that I can cook once and then eat for a few days.  Trust me, cooking on crutches is not an easy task!

My goal for next week is to be in the 260s.  I'm really excited to get down below 265.  I got to around 265 last year before things started to unravel, so once I get below 265 I'll officially be lower than I've been in probably 5 years or more.  Only 6 pounds to go!     


  1. You've just proven too how essential a good diet is to losing weight - you did it entirely without exercise!! Really great loss, you'll totally be in the 260s before you know it!