Injury Update

So I went to the doctor today about my ankle injury.  He did an MRI and found a torn ligament.  He said it has been slowly healing for the past few months, but because I never really gave it a complete rest it is just taking forever to get back to normal.  Basically, every time I take a step, I am undoing the healing and keeping it from getting any better.

Here's Operation Ankle Rehab:

For the next 4 weeks, I am in a cast.  Boo!!  I also have to use crutches for the next month and stay off my foot completely.  This is going to be HARD!!  Now that I live by myself, I know things like grocery shopping and cooking meals is going to be a challenge.

For 4 weeks after I get out of the cast, I still can't do any exercise using my ankle.  I also have to follow a daily stretching and strengthening routine for my ankle.

Then after 8 weeks, I can finally start light exercising, walking and riding my bike.

I am happy that I know what is wrong with my ankle, and I'm super excited to be on the road to getting it back to 100 percent.  However, I know that this derails my triathlon plans.  I won't be able to pick back up on my training for 2 months, and the triathlon is in only 3 months.  I still plan on doing a triathlon this summer, but right now I have to focus on getting better.

I'm not going to let this injury stop me from continuing to lose weight.  I'm going to focus my attention on eating right.  My exercises are going to have to be mainly limited to lifting weights.  So today the countdown begins to March 15th.  I already can't wait to get out of this cast!


  1. OH BOY! I am glad you found out what was wrong!
    Stay positive, you will get better sooner than you know it.
    Stay motivated, and when your out of that cast, exercise and get ready for that Triathalon!

  2. Sucks that your training plans have to change, but at least you know now and you can start to recover!!! It's uphill from here :-)