Bike Training

In my last post, I told you guys about how I am training for a 265-mile bike trip across Missouri in October.  I planned my training rides out and have been following my schedule of riding for the past week.  I am already feeling SO much stronger on the bike!

Friday I was scheduled to ride 6 miles, but I didn't make it.  We had an insane storm on Thursday night, and this is what I woke up to.

There were also several HUGE branches that broke off and were still stuck up in the tree.  I spent several hours cleaning up the yard and got a real-world workout for sure.  I decided trying to ride my bike afterwards wasn't a good idea and called it a day.

Saturday was my rest day, but I had a 20-mile ride scheduled for Sunday.  On Saturday night I started getting really nervous about riding 20 miles at one time.  I didn't know if I could do it.  The longest ride I had ever done before today was 10 miles.

When I woke up this morning, I fought with myself for about 20 minutes before I finally decided to at least give the 20-mile ride a try.  I made a strawberry-banana smoothie, packed some nuts and fresh cherries in my bike bag to eat during the trip, loaded up my bike and set off for the trail.  The ride went absolutely fabulous!  I rode my bike 20 MILES today!!  I felt so accomplished when I pulled back into the trailhead at the end of the ride.  I am starting to really love riding my bike.

And do you want to hear the best news of all?  I burned 1173 calories during my ride today!  Wow!

I have some shorter rides planned for this week and then a 30-mile ride at the end of the week.  I can't believe it, but I am actually looking forward to knocking out some more miles this week.


  1. I live in the KC area & that was certainly a heck of a storm! We were going to camp out that night but I made my hubby pack it all up.

  2. Miss S. - I live a little further south, but my parents live in KC and didn't have power for 2 days afterwards. I would expect it in May but not in August. I'm glad you didn't camp out! I live close to where the state fair is held in Sedalia and was thinking about all those people camping when the storm hit. Yikes!

  3. Congrats on the 20 miles! Doesn't it feel great to get to those big numbers?

  4. That storm must have been nuts! Holy cow!

    Congratulations on winning the fight against yourself and then going out and knocking out that 20 mile bike ride!! YAY!! I think it is so cute that after you did that, you casually mention how you now have a 30 mile bike ride later on. So awesome!! :) :)