Life-Changing Moments Call for Life Changes

I created this blog about four months ago, and there it sat, untouched for four months.  I haven't changed my eating habits.  I haven't been working out.  But last month, on November 13th, something happened. 

My brother, who had just turned 30 in October, passed away unexpectedly.  I have been hit hard by the loss of someone so close to me and have been struggling for the past month to make sense of things and sort through the range of emotions I am feeling.  However, I've also been inspired.  I've been inspired to stop being afraid of living my life to the fullest.  I don't know how much time I've been given, but I do know that I want to be healthy and happy during the time I have.  I am starting my commitment anew today to be healthier and get fit.

I found a note my brother wrote me while he was in the Army.  I wrote to him about how I wanted to lose weight and get healthier.  He wrote back and told me that he knew I could do it and that he believed in me. 

I miss you unbelievably, Mike.  I have always looked up to you.  If you believe I can do this, then I believe I can do it.  I just wish you were here to see the new me.

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