A Year of Weigh-Ins: Week 6

So I'm pretty sure my scale is broken.  And I'm not just saying that because it gave me a number I didn't like.  I mean, literally, I think my scale is broken.  This week has been pretty good for me as far as eating goes.  I've been eating breakfast, which is a big step for me.  I also got snowed in and couldn't go to the store, so that actually helped me stay on track!  I still feel like I'm not all-in, though.  I feel like I'm just phoning it in most days.  I'm off the rails some days and then sometimes I eat healthy all day and go to bed feeling accomplished.

When I stepped on the scale this morning, I expected a little bit of a loss.  The number I got...305.2.  What?!  I haven't seen a number that high in over a year, and there is really no reason I would have gained almost 4 pounds this week.  So I got off, made sure the scale was zeroed out and stepped on again.  This time I got 291.4.  Somehow I managed to lose 14 pounds in less than 20 seconds!  I checked the scale, made sure it was level and tried again.  306!  Okay.  One last time on the scale.  284!

I have no idea why it is being crazy.  Maybe replacing the batteries will help or maybe I just need a new scale.  So there is no real weigh-in for this week.  I'll figure out my scale problem by next week because I am still committed to doing a year of weigh-ins.

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